Jenny Dilts

Grieving Coach

Stands as a lighthouse to support people through the complexities of Grief by creating a safe space where they can feel calm amidst the storm.

What’s your relationship with grief?

Maybe you view grief as a thief in the night, come to rob you of your most prized possessions. Perhaps it’s like the grim reaper- dark, scary, ominous. Does it feel like a huge tidal wave that washes over you and destroys everything in its wake?

Grief can be like that.And more.

About Me

Hi! I'm Jenny and I LOVE grief!

Most give me a really strange look when they hear this and run the opposite direction. There are some who get curious and lean in. And fewer, totally getting it, rush in for an embrace.

My mantra follows wisdom from Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.” In the journey I offer loving support to my fellow travelers and marvel at the many wonders along the way. My favorites are my amazing husband and our 6 incredible kids. 

At Grieving Coach, part travel buddy, part grief enthusiast, I stand as a lighthouse for those who feel lost, stuck, and hopeless in their grief. I invite people to build a better relationship with grief in spiritual and courageous ways as we convert GRIEF into GROWTH. 

I do this through coaching, conversations, and connection. I also host the podcast, Share Your Story: Converting Grief into Growth. On my show my guests and I dive deeply into real-life examples of what this conversion process can look like, highlighting both the grief and the growth. 

When I’m not playing in the grief arena you can find me visiting the beach, strolling in the redwoods, soaking up sunshine on my front lawn, or snuggling up for story time with my kiddos on the couch.

Real Results

What could it be like to see grief as a teacher who comes in your most sacred moments to help you learn lessons you would have otherwise missed?

What if the darkness of grief allowed you to see pinpricks of starlight creating beautiful constellations in your life? Perhaps your waves of grief are uncovering buried treasures more valuable than riches.

These are all possible when we lean in, ask questions, and open ourselves to the opportunities Grief presents to us.

Share Your Story:

Converting Grief into Growth


Thank you so much for the coaching. I haven’t had such a deep coaching session in so long. I’m a coach myself and I’m a firm believer in having a coach because I know its value, and yet there’s just been so much hard stuff going on in my family this year and I’ve been pouring myself into work. And so when you reached out and said that you were willing to do the kind of coaching where we can talk about suicide attempts and end of life, that was just such a huge gift and so I really appreciate it. I appreciate you letting me cry, and show up as a mess, and show up with strength and resources, and just the way you noticed me, and your presence is extraordinary, just the way you are so obviously attentive and connected and it doesn’t phase you. It’s really beautiful. So thank you so much.


Jenny is an amazing, kind hearted, loving, talented coach. The way that she is able to hold space for an individual is outstanding and only makes YOU shine even more. Jenny has coached me numerous times, and every single time I find out more and more about myself, always digging deeper, and growing. Jenny follows me through my grief sessions where I am often all over the place, and through my life sessions, where she is able to ask those deep powerful questions I would have never thought of asking myself. She is quiet, and allows me to speak, often finding solutions for myself, and helps me celebrate during those times. I love how she stays with me the whole time, never judging, and allows me to feel safe. Thank you, thank you for always holding space for me, loving me, and treating me no different than before when I go into the deep dark places I often avoid, or be judged by others. You AMAZE me! Highly recommend for grief, or life coaching.



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