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As a Grief Coach I help people after traumatic events deal with feeling lost in a shattered world to rebuild their lives in gratitude and love.

I specialize in creating a safe space for people to share the experiences they have, both in the group setting and individually. I consider myself a travel buddy accompanying others in their journeys. My specific interest areas are Grief, and Suicide.   

Grief Support

Monthly support groups to build  community with others experiencing Loss and working through Grief.

One-on-One Coaching

Client-led exploration in a safe space for Life, Death, and Grief to work on struggles, emotions, and dreams.

Suicide Support

Workshops and panel discussions offering grace to those who struggle with suicide ideation and hope to those who are surviving loss to suicide.

Reconstructing Grief One Step At A Time

Educating others to see Grief as a universal, essential, and natural part of life while accompanying them in their individual and unique journeys in that grief.



Here’s what some of my clients have said about our journey together.  

I was fortunate to meet Jenny during an intense tidal wave of grief from the loss of a parent. With her kind, gentle, loving energy, she provided a safe space for me with absolutely no judgment. She helped me to realize that the state I was in, what I was thinking and feeling were all valid and I felt so supported by her. I was able to express myself openly, releasing a lot of heavy grieving energy, and I felt surprisingly light and at peace by the end of our session. I highly recommend reaching out to this earth angel if you’re grieving because the space she holds is healing in and of itself.

Finees Deato

Thank you so much for the coaching. I haven’t had such a deep coaching session in so long. I’m a coach myself and I’m a firm believer in having a coach because I know its value, and yet there’s just been so much hard stuff going on in my family this year and I’ve been pouring myself into work. And so when you reached out and said that you were willing to do the kind of coaching where we can talk about suicide attempts and end of life, that was just such a huge gift and so I really appreciate it. I appreciate you letting me cry, and show up as a mess, and show up with strength and resources, and just the way you noticed me, and your presence is extraordinary, just the way you are so obviously attentive and connected and it doesn’t phase you. It’s really beautiful. So thank you so much.

Christi Byerly

Awaken Coach Institute

Jenn is such an empathetic and compassionate person. She helps you to talk about your grief without feeling judged. She understood that some people take longer to heal and is right there with you on the journey. If you want someone who will listen and be supportive, I would call Jenn.

Kate Lane

Kate Lane Solutions Life Insurance

Let's Journey Together

Client-led exploration in a safe space through the adventures of Life, Death, and Grief.


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